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Real Raw News – Is Nibiru a Hoax?

A look behind Real Raw News' sensational (and fabricated) headlines -  Poynter

Real Raw News is a website where articles are published in the style of actual news stories. In one of their recent articles, the website detailed the existence of an alleged military tribunal against Hillary Clinton. The article was shared by thousands of people on social media. Although the website publishes actual news stories, their articles are usually written in a way that makes them seem satirical.

Michael Baxter

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Michael Baxter’s real raw news is an internet satire website run by Michael Baxter. He is a former news anchor and TV personality. He also runs three websites and YouTube channels. He lives in Texas and has lived in New York. He also has a Twitter account.

The site publishes baseless stories about high-profile figures, including Bill Gates. One of its most popular stories claims that the Microsoft co-founder was arrested for bribery, vaccine sales, and a child trafficking ring. The news outlet has also published fabricated stories about prominent figures being arrested by the military.

The website’s content is based on stories about Bill Gates held hostage by the US military. While the website’s content may not be based on fact, the headlines are often well-written and don’t have any tell-tale signs of misinformation or hoaxes. A few articles have even referred to the Vice President as having taken a bullet to the chest.

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Michael Baxter, a web content creator known for posting controversial and outrageous comments on the Real Raw News website, is also running three other websites and YouTube channels. He lives in Texas and has previously lived in New York. There are no facts behind the comments he posts, and it is unclear which one is Michael Tuffin.

Tuffin has a history of posting controversial and outrageous claims about politicians, celebrities, and current events. He has warned his readers not to rely on mainstream news networks or conservative media sources, and has accused PolitiFact of waging war against him. While the independent publishers have been attacked by many outlets, he continues to defend his sources and the accuracy of his work.

Nibiru News

Rogue Planet Nibiru Will Not Herald the Rapture on April 23

The latest news about Nibiru has been making the rounds on the Internet, but is it real or is it a hoax? One New Zealand man is debunking conspiracy theories. He started his online fact-checking work after the devastating 2011 New Zealand earthquake, which prompted a rash of conspiracy theories. One of the most interesting claims concerned an imaginary planet called Nibiru, sometimes called Planet X, and the impending doomsday it will bring.

Many conspiracy theorists believe that the Nibiru planet will crash into the Earth today, wiping out all life. Many people believe in this theory, and some have even escaped into secret underground bunkers. However, they have no proof.


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Real raw news on Facebook is an independent publisher that explores content not covered by mainstream media. Since its founding in December 2020, the website has published over 150 articles, some of which are satire and spin on actual events. Their articles routinely receive thousands of social media engagements. The articles are written in the style of an authentic news story and often come in several installments.

While this website is relatively new, it has already generated a lot of controversy. Most of the stories on Real Raw News are authored by a pseudonym: Michael Baxter, writing under the name Michael Tuffin. Some have wondered whether the stories on Real Raw News are satirical or true. While the website does not make that clear, the author of the stories has repeatedly defended them as fact.


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Real Raw News is a website that bills itself as an independent publisher and explores content that mainstream media won’t touch. Since its launch in December 2020, the site has published over 150 articles. Some of the most popular are pieces that spin the narrative of military arrests and executions and have received thousands of social media engagements. According to BuzzSumo, a website that measures audience engagements, the articles have the feel of authentic news stories and usually appear in multiple installments.

While some sources are true, others are satire. Satire uses humor, exaggeration, and ridicule to expose the stupidity and vices of people. Fortunately, satire sources make it very clear that they are not real news. Likewise, Real Raw News is a satire website that publishes many articles aimed at entertaining people.

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