Can a Yellow Sapphire Ring Be Used As a Wedding Ring?

Sapphires that are yellow in color are common, and one can purchase them from most jewelry stores. They come in different colors and shapes, for instance, oval or cushion, just for you. Sapphires are almost as hard as diamonds and are therefore very resistant to daily wear and tear. But when shopping for one, keep these points in mind:


It is important to search for Yellow Sapphire rings at an accredited jeweler. In doing so, you will get good quality stones at a reasonable cost. On the other way, you may shop through some internet marketplaces or second-hand stores for you to also save money.

As far as setting goes, halo or pave settings do best to reveal the beauty of the stone. But its color and clarity take precedence over any particular setting style.

Pukhraj is the Sanskrit word for yellow sapphire Price and is thought to bring luck, fortune and ward off evil spirits. Due to its healing properties and high-value status among Indian women and men alike, this gem makes an excellent investment option that can be passed down from generation to generation.


Yellow sapphires differ from other gemstones in that their cuts vary – some being round, oval, emerald cut or more unusual shapes – making finding one that complements your style essential. The shape can have an impactful influence on color and clarity so select carefully when purchasing one of these beautiful gems!

For optimal Pukhraj Ratna, they must possess intense, pure color with superior clarity. Therefore, when shopping for Pukhraj Stone they must come from a reliable jeweler and gemologist, and beware of any claims by retailers of natural or lab-created yellow sapphires that claim they are superior. Additionally, lab-created stones tend to be more consistent and cost-effective than natural ones.

Wearing a yellow sapphire (Pukhraj) on Thursday morning between 5 and 7 am can be said to ease obstacles to marriage and restore unstable relationships, as well as bring wealth and success. Wear it on your index finger of the working hand between 5 and 7 AM on Thursday for maximum effectiveness!


Yellow sapphires are more affordable than many precious gemstones, making them a good option for adding color and depth to their jewelry collections. Pukhraj may even bring prosperity and good luck to their wearer!

Sapphires are generally durable gemstones, rating 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness. This makes them more resistant than diamonds which are rated 10 on this measure of hardness. Though sapphires may still be damaged by chemicals and harsh cleaning products, sapphires tend to be more durable than other gemstones in this regard.

When selecting a Pukhraj Stone for your ring, it must have excellent clarity. A gemstone with substandard clarity may not appear eye-clean and contain natural inclusions such as rutile needles (small long thin tubes that form inside the gemstone). An ideal sapphire will have no such rutile needles and should appear transparent under magnification.


Yellow sapphires offer a stunning alternative to blue sapphires as engagement rings, thanks to their naturally unenhanced colors which provide deeper hues than their treated counterparts can reach. Furthermore, there is an array of vibrant sunshine hues available which makes these gemstones even more desirable.

When shopping for Pukhraj Stone, be mindful of its clarity and carat weight. Yellow sapphire Stone tends to feature fewer inclusions than their blue and pink counterparts, helping you save money. Also, remember that sapphires score 9 on Mohs’ scale of hardness – even higher than diamonds which score 10.

As with other precious gemstones, Pukhraj Ratna comes in a range of shapes and cuts. For optimal brilliance and color enhancement, fine cuts such as round, oval, emerald, or cushion are the optimal selection – this way the gem can shine in any setting, including intricate designs.

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